Rivel gas plus

Category: Gas Leak Detectors
Manufacturer: Huberg
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  Range Resolution Minimum sensitivity
0-100%,*LEL 1-100%LEL 1% 0,1%
0-100%VOL,*CH4 1-100%VOL 1% 0,1%
0-10.000PPM,*CH4 1-1000PPM/1000-1% 5PPM/ 100PPM 1PPM
0-30%,O2 0-30% 0,1% 1%
0-2.000 PPM,CO 0-2000PPM 1PPM 5 PPM
0-10.000PPM,H2 0-1000PPM/1000-1% 5PPM/100PPM 1PPM
0-5%VOL,H2 0-5%VOL 0,1% 0,1%
0-100PPM,H2S 1-100PPM 1PPM 1PPM
Suction system : Membrane pump
Capacity of suction : 0.2 l/min.
Power Supply :Rechargeable NiMh batteries
Environmental working condition,temperature :-25 50°C
Environmental working condition,humidity: < 95%
Size (L x W x H) : 145x70x33 mm without probe 290x70x33 mm with probe
Weight :350 g